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The Victoria Police Alpine Club is a self funded club dedicated to the promotion of all Alpine Sports and activities. The Committee of Management is elected at the Annual General Meeting held on the first Monday of May each year.

To make a general enquiry regarding the club please email via the Feedback Form

 Committee of Management


Jeff Maher, President
Adrian Healy, Booking Manager
0417 568 523
John Blaikie, Vice President
0421 634335

Robyn Garrett, Secretary
0419 585796
Brian Jones, Treasurer
0400 345390
Annabelle Murray-Smith,
Assistant Secretary
Alison Mtchell, Committee member
Bek Gunther, Committee Member
0439 773877
Mike Turner, Work Master
0419 576712
Tania Allatt, Committee member
Mark Eddey, Committee Member Mandy Finigan, Committee Member
0403 324055